1.  Pump your septic system every 2-3 years

2.  Install effluent filter

3.  Remove water softener from discharging into septic tank, and run into separate dry well.

4.  Get on a pumping schedule so you don't forget. ( call us to set up a future pumping so you don't have to remember )


  Don't forget the risers !


What can I do to better protect my septic system ?


Every 2-3 years







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Here at All Things Septic we realize that our customer is what's most important. We are here to provide a good service and a professional opinion and wanting the job done right in a cost effective manor. We want to leave you knowing you got a quality job done for the right price.   Nathan/Owner



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All Things Septic is a family owned business  ready to pump out, or install a new septic system, repair or put in a new drainfield , or if you just have a question about your septic system we are ready to help. Lets get you started with a Free Estimate! Call us Today! Thanks, Nathan


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Often enough not having a riser can discourage people from pumping, because the cost or time of digging is so great. If you have your tanks pumped then why not when it's all dug up place a riser in the hole for future pumping's ?


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