Septic tanks take allot of abuse like salt from water softeners and soaps from day to day jobs around the our homes. This causes breakdown in our septic tanks called Microbial Induced Deterioration (see picture on left) Plastic septic tanks can reduce the chance of this happening and prevent premature tank failure.  These Polly tanks are relatively similar in price to our traditional concrete septic tanks. 


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Most commonly when you have a set of three septic tanks in any configuration, its because after the second tank the sewage flows into a pump chamber that has a effluent pump in it which  lifts the waste to the drainfield area. This is only used when gravity systems are not feasible because of the terrain, or in the event that there is a raised mound drainfield.


Below are some pictures of different types of septic tanks as well as pump chambers for lift applications.


The septic tank is a huge part of your septic system, without them all the solids can go directly into your drainfield. The tanks hold in solids with a baffle system designed to allow only clean water to enter into your drainage area.

There are many different types of septic tanks used but the most common is a concrete tank with two lids for access.


Give us a call to see what your new effluent filter will cost.  Or if your a do it yourself type then we can get you the materials and some advise.     616-916-5890


If you have a PVC baffle like this one a effluent filter can be easily slid inside the 4'' delivery line to the drainfield, this is an easy and cheap trick to protecting your septic system.


There is much concern about a large crane truck  driving on the driveway or crushing the existing drain field to set the concrete tanks, with plastic tanks two men can easily lift the tanks and set them into place greatly reducing potential harm to your yard or driveway.


 Microbial Induced Breakdown

Effluent pumps come backed with a 3 year replacement warranty


The name says it all with this unique 400-500 gal pump chamber, it is equipped with a easy riser system that enables you to change out the pump with little or no hassle. Standard with any pump chamber is a high water alarm and quick disconnect for ease of repairing or replacing effluent pumps. 

Polly tanks


Why Polly tanks are a good option


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Effluent filters








The effluent filter is a simple and easy way to put your mind at ease, being very cost effective it is the best way to protect your drain field as well as your wallet. What makes this so effective is whenever solids try to enter your baffle they are caught in the tiny fins inside the filter and held there.

The downfall to the effluent filter is that when it fills up with solids (solids that would have got into your drainfield)  it causes the septic system to stop working properly. This is why at All Things Septic we like to install a riser on top of the tank lid above the effluent filter for easy access and ease of cleaning.  This is not necessary to do if you have your septic tanks pumped out on a regular schedule, just ensure that the pumper knows that you have a filter that needs to be cleaned out.